Saturday, November 05, 2016

13 years ago
At a game
You wore a Jersey with letters
I use to sign my name.

12 years ago
We warmed our hands
On a dying blue flame
While listening to our favourite bands

11 years ago
We begged for tens
Sat in windows
 And stole glances through your lens

10 years ago
I cleaned your wound
And touched your arm
With the inspirational verse (not yet tattooed )

9 years ago
We walked down aisles
In gowns and robes
All heart and smiles

8 years ago
I sat in a dark room
Worked hard and grew
And came back home too soon

7 years ago
Was the magical storm
The best week ever, which
Ravaged everything. And was gone

6 years ago
Pressed rewind for too long
Then made new friends
Erased old photos, deleted songs

5 years ago
Walked down the aisle
Hoisted by brothers and kin
Began the long, cold mile

4 years ago
The world was supposed to end
But there was unfinished business
And scholarship money to spend

3 years ago
New beginnings once more
First realization, first reality check
First walk out of the door

2 years ago
Walked alone again
Always together, yet always alone
And the next few years would be the same

1 year ago
I wrote a poem about a tree
A birth and many deaths
And collective memory

This year is almost over
And this poem made me miss my train
I was so angry I could cry
And blame someone else, all over again.


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