Sunday, August 28, 2016

Peregrine, for You.

There once was a peacock, grey and dull
(Like the skies in November a few hours past one)
Who wandered inside our garden one day
(And we named it Perry, short of Peregrine)
The wanderer - the one who'd lost his way.

But unlike the fallacious lyrics of Lost
He became someone's muse, after many years passed.
One morning he flew away from my parent's lawn
Without warning or a sign - he was gone.

Offended by his unceremonious exit
We doubted the depth of our relationship.
But were happy he found the courage to be free
(And surprised to learn that 'he' was infact a she!)

(Like Peregrine) we meander through ragged lines,
Change a few platforms, following the signs
Inhale the aroma of coffee and cool breeze
Hear familiar tunes when alighting the Jubilee (line)

I am Perry, finding my way through the crowd
Past sirens and drawls, dragging my luggage around
The wheels keep on turning on streets of cobbled stone
As I stumble and trip, finding my way home.

"Are you ready to stand on the desk
For a change of view?
From all you left behind - to start anew?
(Will you have a zero tolerance policy too?)"

"I'll fix my lapel, wear my 'hand' on my blazer
 I'll asperate, like the (brightly) burning tiger
With a roll of an r and a "cheers, mate!"
I'll come out victorious baby, it's never too late."