Wednesday, July 22, 2015

There’s half a moon in the sky,
But I found the twinkle in my eye,
And though the spot seems big and bright
I’ll let it shine, with all my might.
A sexy patch they say, will do?
If so, I’ll join your squinting crew
One stolen pair of shades, not two
(He converses with strangers and scientists too!)
The ugliest, most unflattering (nostril) view.

Two patches of damp grass, an albino afar
The world’s most complicated car.
Orange lip stains on a paper cup
A unisex bathroom with a vampire pin-up
Pizza with cream, coffee without
A tube light selfie, please teach me how to pout?
I smile and I frown, do tell me when to stop
In time for the world’s most beautiful tear drop.

The whir of engines, clouds of smoke
Two crisp hundred rupee notes
Uninsured, let’s drive to our ends
Bruised, and battered, the strangest best friends.


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