Saturday, July 25, 2015


When overcome with emotion and fear
Don’t make me listen, I don’t want to hear
Of vows and promises and what we owe
And all those oats we did not sow

It is what is it is,

And other trite phrases

People love to say.
To say naina jab se mile’

A familiar friend, a rainy drive

Was all I needed to feel alive
In that moment, when tears weren’t as sad

As rueful and honest, cathartic and glad

The arousal of passion from the weak and the rent
From bodies broken, and senses bent

My sight, my ears, what more is left to lend
A four year road trip - a beginning and an end.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

There’s half a moon in the sky,
But I found the twinkle in my eye,
And though the spot seems big and bright
I’ll let it shine, with all my might.
A sexy patch they say, will do?
If so, I’ll join your squinting crew
One stolen pair of shades, not two
(He converses with strangers and scientists too!)
The ugliest, most unflattering (nostril) view.

Two patches of damp grass, an albino afar
The world’s most complicated car.
Orange lip stains on a paper cup
A unisex bathroom with a vampire pin-up
Pizza with cream, coffee without
A tube light selfie, please teach me how to pout?
I smile and I frown, do tell me when to stop
In time for the world’s most beautiful tear drop.

The whir of engines, clouds of smoke
Two crisp hundred rupee notes
Uninsured, let’s drive to our ends
Bruised, and battered, the strangest best friends.

Saturday, July 04, 2015

On illusions being dangerous things - she said.

I could have been a flickering blue flame
Ebbing away through the night
An injured player on the field
Not going down without a fight
A passenger in your car
Doing the moonlight mile
A thirty-something thousand dress
Waiting to go out of style
A naïve heart, bitten twice
Yet never thrice shy
Save only when some lens removed
Looked you in the eye
It all came back, the crooked mirth
The poems and the books
A brush of finger (tips) and perfume
Some talk of being a crook.
Taken by the visions and revisions
Of time and tide within
Spending this lifetime and the next
Tucked safely under your chin.