Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I used to know what Jeff who lives at home felt like. But not anymore. When time felt, languid, slow and thick, like molasses. When simple objects became meaningful, regular utterances had undertones and the imagination played incessant tricks. The imagination is still an artful dodger, but this time it is in control, aware.

It meanders just the right amount to cause amusement, a flight of fancy, the glimmer of an idea, yet to return home, and park safely in the cul de sac of the mind and heart. It is quite empowering to know how to control the mind; to feel just the right amount of pleasure or pain. We endure pain, only with the hope of eventual pleasure. And what’s the fun in pleasure without pain?

We both agreed that happy people don’t change the world. But unhappy people may resort to darker means to achieve their goals. Hence, the delicious balance between pleasure and pain, dark and light – enough to empower, yet enough to defeat.

Knowledge is definitely power, but I recently heard a loathsome female on television refute Foucalt’s claim rather simply: Power is Power.

And I got the powaaah!

p.s I have conquered the new blog template.

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