Thursday, June 14, 2012


I am so sleepy at work today; I can barely bother to put up a fake front of being productive. I miss being a student sometimes, apart from the ‘being broke’ aspect of it. But anyway, I was recalling the evil S story (my first colleague at my first job) who had the worst nakhras I had EVER heard in my life (for reference look up posts circa Nov-Dec 2008). The admin coordinator is using my extension right now and I’ve had a newfound urge to write.

Wow I’m really sleepy. Moving on, the first and most anal thing about this place is that you have to beep and punch (both) in and out when coming and going. School gets over at 2pm. Since I am driving nowadays and there is always a few minutes discrepancy in all the clocks at work, I left at 1:58 and 1:59pm respectively the last two days. When I came in today, there were 2 red circles around my sign out timings (which is a mark of being late – which the ‘auditors’ check and then cut your salary). Oh, another new policy – if you leave early for an emergency/appointment etc you’re marked absent and they cut 4 grand per day.

I got my hair relaxed to beat the humidity in Karachi; after an over enthusiastic chopped off long bob in Lahore - one day before heading back to Karachi in January - went Krusty the Clown on me. I went to work with my amazingly blow dried hair for the next few weeks. When I came back a few weeks ago, the school principal had had the exact same thing done!

I can’t believe they’re making me open a third bank account! WTF. An accounts guy just walked up to me with a poster (I kid you not) of a sample form for Habib Bank. Before I transferred to this branch I applied for an SCB account twice (they lost my form, and then spotted a mistake 2 months later and made me re-apply), when I finally got my account made, I got transferred. Here they said they shifted to another bank so I had to go all the way to Sharah-e-Faisal (which is literally down the road from here, but still) twice and apply. So now, I have 3 bank accounts. Oh, sorry the fourth is on its way, apparently.

Mrs. T is my best friend on campus, even though she’s 35 years older than me! We trade movies and have patties and chai in her AC wala office. Until the canteen shut for summer break, so now we starve with chai. It’s funny that I call her Mrs. T (her last name is the same as a famous tea brand) and funnier when her husband got sick and she left early so I messaged her: “I hope Mr. T is feeling better”. Haha

Oh and the admin coord with whom it all started. She is so annoying sometimes; the executive secretary (who leaves a lot to be desired himself, refer to the following paragraph) can’t help roll his eyes every time she gives him work - with a million instructions – mostly unnecessary. Once e I had to ask her what the environmental squad was called: The Environmental Squad OR the PAF Environmental Squad - A one line answer. What I got instead, “You see, this was my initiative. It started in 2009 when we set up this squad. They were green robes and organize charity events. I got their approval from XYZ and so forth.” 20 minutes later, I asked, so is there a PAF in front of it or not? There is.

And what to talk to Joaquim! I can’t write the entire name here for the sake of anonymity, but what a name! He never speaks Urdu, always replies to Urdu in English, plays Angry Birds all day and doesn’t even hide it! Once I had to use his PC to copy a DVD and a message popped up on his signed in Yahoo Messenger “hey sexy ;) “. Clearly, he does a lot more than just play angry birds (or so I’m told).Now I’m going to go fill out the poster sized form staring at me.

p.s. I was thinking how funny it is that I have alternative Z’s n Karachi to make up for the lack of their active presence in my life nowadays. But most interestingly, I can’t believe I have met a new khan in the big city. Not the bus, and not the real khan, but the resemblance is uncanny. This is probably another post in itself.

p.p.s Blogger has a new look, and I am not liking it.


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