Tuesday, June 07, 2011


Sometimes, I was telling M this today, my brain is working so fast but my body is so tired I want to write but my fingers are too tired to write. Other times, I am staring at the screen, but so mentally exhausted I wish someone could read my mind, suck out my ideas, and just write for me. Phrase my sentences, insert the appropriate vocabulary for effect and just do the job. Oh well, sometimes I wish I could do the same, save my dreams in an inception inspired silver briefcase and wake up and rewind them to make the coolest movies ever. Anyway.

So I’ve been trying to follow coke studio as much as possible; yesterday I kept switching amongst ALL ten music channels on TV to finally dejectedly land on PTV by fluke on hour later. Lo and behold, only PTV was airing the 2nd episode, which I had by then missed, save for the last 2 songs. One of which was a duet of Arif Hussain Samrat and Zoe Viccaji (the tota at the back), where it wasn’t clear as to why this was a duet and not her on the usual backing vocals. It was a joke: her humming in the background and being a co-singer. What a free-loader. Am listening to Kangna as I type, so verdict on that later.

4.01. I got my teaching evaluation for my last semester at LUMS (for a while at least) before I move to browner non-pastures. I was quite pleased at my comments, where a strength of the course was ‘the instructor was so nice : )’ . Okay, so I was kinda flattered. Also, I found my stolen nameplate, and then stole it for myself. Apparently Marta took hers with her too after she left, so why cant I. I hope accounts don’t come claiming it in 2 months.

Ok. Now I’ve reached the brain too tired to churn out coherent thoughts stage. The paiti story was what I had in mind for tonight.