Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I’m listening to the shukran allah from the Kurban soundtrack which I have been told is a great movie. But then, you also liked race. Enough said. It should be shuker Allah but somehow he sings it with a noon ghunna, hence shukran. Hehe.

T’was an interesting week. Apart from biting people’s heads off (its excusable, refer to Guide to Understanding Women version 2.0.1), I played with four Labrador puppies. All golden. I ate chicken roast (WITH paratha). I was able to choose which shawl I liked out of four! (winner). And I realized I am damn cool-supahb-mindblowingly lucky (ya).

And while others might be partaking in leftovers (loving the analogy Z!), or aimlessly running like Zebras with no direction, or carrying weighty rocks on their shoulders like Obelix, we need not worry about reset buttons. This time we aren’t going back to the stars.