Sunday, April 18, 2010


So I had the much dreaded mazdoor encounter. details later.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

5 Minute Poems III: Eureka!

(to be sung to the tune of 10 Days Late, by third eye blind)

Chuck those heels
And heal my cramps for me
T’was care free, thankfully not something major
At the station
Or, out in the open
There’s no simple way
To let you know
It hurts, and you wanna cry out ‘I’m dying’
I got a big surprise, I said
I’m in trouble now
And it cannot wait
I’m ten days late
So, at least my life’s not complicated (phew)
But I can’t wait
Cos I’ve got no ammo
And I’m ten days late
Ten days late

Don’t ride bicycles, let JayZ drive
I laugh
Though I really want to cry
Talk back at the parents
Consequences don’t bother me now
Ah, ah
Oh no, baby, oh no no
Give me a minute now
To figure out my date
Oh I know, I’m ten days late
But I don’t know
Where I can change it
But it’s still great
No more stress-ss
Albeit ten days late
Ten days late

Your eyes look to me for what to do
I can’t lie
Uh uh
I don’t know why, but
There’s HOY in the bathroom
No ones laughing
Now what do I say
I walk away, but oh, oh
Don’t go back to the function
Walk right behind me
Give me a minute now to figure out my state
My pants are grey like slate
So no need for me to fade it
I guess I’ll Always ™be
Needing you

Even if I’m ten days late
Ten days late