Tuesday, September 29, 2009

09/02/09 Actually.

It’s unnerving to say the least when your laptop crashes. But it is devastating when it is returned to you in working condition, less My Documents. It’s all gone. My poems, stories, ramblings, research papers, pdf files, articles, presentations. The only thing I don’t really miss is the lyrics folder. ‘She Speaks’ will be greatly missed. Especially the stuff which was never meant to be posted, but kept safe in a secret time capsule of sorts; For comfort. For old time’s sake.
Speaking of which, the phrase ‘old time’s sake’ is, in my opinion, terribly overrated. An old friend recently very astutely suggested, ‘love the present’. The present should be celebrated. Old time’s sake is just an imaginary construct of better times, the days of yore, when we had braces and knock-knees. Hell, those were hardly better times. Simpler times perhaps.
I watched a terribly lame film today, on a cousin’s insistence. Not only were the characters psychotic, spastic and irrational, Ben and Jen turned out to be the only normal couple of all. Plus, Scarlet needs to get out of her grey t-shirt phase and start wearing real clothes. Now, I could go on and rant about some more stuff on my mind, but I am actually feeling sleepy earlier than my usual ridiculous bedtime. I wonder how long it takes to fully digest a Zinger.

Monday, September 21, 2009

5 Minute Poems III: My Bleeding Nose.

(to be sung to the tune of Leona Lewis’s Bleeding Love, preferably)

Clogged up all morn, I didn’t need the pain
One kestine seemed enough, but it was all in vain
Time started to pass,
My snot turned into molten


Then something happened for the very first time in the loo,
I blew my nose and my face started turning blue
Ali entered my room and thought I was going crazy
(I didn’t have asthma as a baby)

But I don’t care what they say,
I don’t have the flu
It’s a case of allergy
Called hay fever too,
My nose’s crippled by the pollen I keep on breathing
Its chokes me up and I

Keep sneezing and wheezing
With an itchy throat,
Keep sneezing, wheezing
With a bleeding nose
I keep sneezing, sneezing with
A bleeding nose

Oww x2

I try hard not to sneeze
With the elders around
Disgusted eyerolls; they try to dodge my ‘germs’ away
A nosebleed don’t get you no sympathy these days
Yet I know they just wish
That I’d carry a hanky

It’s not contagious but I
Keep getting glares and dirty looks
As if I enjoy the undue attention and
Don’t carry tissues on purpose
If only they knew the pain in repressing ones sneezes

Cos nothing’s greater than an unrestricted sneeze out loud
It might splatter, but I promise there’s no germs involved
If only my nose weren’t this sensitive
I wouldn’t be complaining

Cos no matter what I take
A pill or syrup too
Incidal is a pain
And Panadol won’t do
I’ve tried tissues (rose petal and flying), but they’re equally scratchy
They cut me open and I

Keep sneezing and wheezing
With watery eyes,
Keep sneezing, wheezing
Now its no surprise,
I keep sneezing, sneezing with
A bleeding nose

And its draining all of me
It’s not cool to be the kid with nosebleeds
But I’ll be sneezing no more, once autumn season leaves…