Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Two Pin Plug

Used to be three. And if you're clever like Ali, you can stick a three-pin in a two adaptor and still make it work. Ali's back in town and so, our trio is complete. We had lunch, all five of us together for the first time since last year. It was the usual shimla-mirich qeema/daal/mutton qorma affair, where abbu walks in, wearing his khakis and safari hat, carrying thailas of aam and the other summer fruit, meanwhile ammi is trying to dust the already dusted table because she doesn't trust the new safai waali; Mina and I are sprawled on the lounge sofas watching MTV and Ali is somewhere in between trying to get his phone sim unblocked, dodging our numerous suggestions of how not to get his sideburns trimmed without cutting the front bit of his hair.

Most of the phonecalls to relatives are made. Plans of meeting up are also decided, which reminds me I have to call Najji Khala and ask her about the job she has lined up for me.

I just heard some bad news. Cutting this short. Sorry, M. You were supposed to be in here somewhere too.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

"Ma'am can I go to tha haumm?"

That was for Ali.


So, home at last.

You know you're home when you don't think twice before ordering chicken or beef (machi zindabad), you don't need to use watering cans (or soggy tissues) instead of lotas or muslim showers and you definitely don't need to line the toilet seat with four layers of tissues for a whole year (did not miss even once). You can have lunch, leave the plate on the table and forget about it. Not have to pay for your own soap and deodorant, or have a 3am Kung-Fu practicing Japani living on your roof.

Well, although I can't see Canary Wharf's flickering lights through my window, or see what color the London Eye is tonight, I have my balcony, my bed, (my toilet seat), my family and much, much more. However, I do wish I found the foam covering of my earphone speaker. It's probably sitting in a dust bunny on the 177 on its way to Woolwich, which I accidentally mistook for the 172 during my 35kg weight busting suitcase spree.

Its pretty obvious that I will/do miss a lot of stuff (Ed's peanut butter and banana milkshake!!), but this is me at my rationalizing best and I can safely say I will not miss Peckham, The 7 pound dinner in China Town, Sainsbury's Macaroni and Cheese and certain people I deleted off my msn list (that's not even entirely relevant here, but oh well). Regrets? Don't do those, but perhaps not being introduced to a guy called MITHUN. Oh well, at least I can say i know someone called that :D

So, yeah. That's probably about it :)

Monday, June 09, 2008

Never say Never.

Naz enlightens me that Susan Sarandon's character says this to her daughter in Stepmom. I only recalled a woman on a horse, and then made the horse poo to add some humor to the story. Naz; she's always a step ahead. Know-it-all.

So, Naz hums the tune of an instrumental song, and I hum along in partial recognition. I have this on my play list, but have no idea what it is because it came off a CD someone burnt for me years ago. We both sing the whole (instrumental) song, while Naz types away on Deli and I sprawl on her bed amidst a pile of clothes (as usual) and I finally discover the enigma song after all these years! Put a name to a tune.

We are a lucky bunch. Me and Naz are like those complementary goods in economics. I'm the maple syrup and I suppose she could be the waffle :D Although I'm not sticky.

Izzie, Nienke, Naz and I had a girl slumber party in my over-packed room last night. Sometime after midnight when everyone seems to get giddy, naz grabbed a kajal stick and started doing everyones eyes. Lo and behold, I was transformed into Amy Winehouse! Izzie admits that the first time we met on that rainy day at Trafalgar Square, the first thing that struck her was my resemblance to the singer. Well, I've been called a stoner before, so nothing shocking. Its the eyes moreso, and facecut perhaps, I reckon.

So Amy and Geisha (Izzie) decided to knock on random doors and try fooling sleep drunk people into believing we were the real deal. Jim was amused enough to come out for a game of shithead. I was the first shithead, but never again! :D

Tonight was my farewell do in the kitchen with the whole gang. T'was heartwarming :) Strangely enough, I'm so stressed about my suitcase weight and traveling dynamics that I can't seem to be my usual emotional self. No tears yet. Not a single one. Let's wait and see. Its a bittersweet feeling I suppose. I'm super excited about home, but sad about leaving behind all these wonderful people who have been my all for the past year. You all will be remembered with fond memories :)