Friday, December 07, 2007

All the Right Freinds

There are some people, the moment you see them, you know you want to be their freind. There are others, who you've heard about and want to be freinds with because they fascinate you. And there are others, who you never thought you'de ever like, and end up getting to know them better, and liking them. But then theres aways the catch, the person who you think would be good for you turns out to be someone you could never get along with. Thats the problem with first impressions. They are usually deceptive, or disappointing upon later revelation.

But hey, I've always been lucky with freinds. The ones I bump into on the street, or meet behind a random PC in the computer lab are there to stay. Mine :) I wondered, will she turn out to have this hidden, weird, mean or two faced character that will reveal itself one day and ruin everything. Or will she be jealous, unreliable and un-trustworthy? Only time tells such things, but as I said, I'm lucky. It was too good to be true, to find someone who not only shares your weird taste in music, eats cookies like a monster, and lives on peanut butter and jelly. But one who also gets pimples, on the same day, same cheek, same side of the face. Or has the same shoe size. Or tenezis size. :D This is an ode to the dreamer up in room 18. The confident, passionate, just-the-right-amount-of-cynical girl, who has become not only my cosmic sister, but been there to hug me when I'm in tears, feed me when I'm hungry, make me remove my blush-on when she thinks im over-dressed (i resent that, every time!), and just BE there. Be there just to make me feel great about going home, 10 days earlier than her, when she should be complaining. Make me feel unfat and pretty. The key-losing, oyster ever-so-more losing, chronic outfit-changer, bangs-straightening monster, the scatterbrain is my lifesaver :)

The ones who sit behind you in the lab, or pretend not to stare at you from behind their glasses, when you're absolutely sure they were ;) are the other kind. Whe i met my italian inspired dunhill smelling soul-twin, I didn't think 4 years down the lane I'd be spoilt beyond the point that a mere 'Thank You' for lemonade was no longer in my vocabulary. But, its not my fault, there are no boundaries to indulgence, and I have been indulged way too much. I was never a brat. Now I am :) But this is sort of a sigh of relief, that I knew how to do binary conversions. Never thought they would get me far. Surprise Surprise! :) Thanks for keeping the faith in me. For ignoring me, for going through rough times without a word. For believing in the foolish little girl who couldn't even stand in one place without wavering. For the stories, songs and ability to never tell me to shut up, when even I would have told me to shutup :)

Thursday, December 06, 2007

"Now the years are rolling by me, they are rockin even me
I am older than I once was, and younger than Ill be, thats not unusual
No it isnt strange, after changes upon changes, we are more or less the same
After changes we are more or less the same"

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

My Kind Of Clumsy

I'll toast bread so that it is perfectly brown on both sides and edges, slather just the right amount of cream cheese so it isnt too goeey or too dry, wash the butter knife and plate and put it back in the cupboard, pick up my heavenly piece of toast and then drop it FLAT, FACE-DOWN on the counter.

It sucks to be me.

Monday, December 03, 2007

A Fallen Star

I think im coming around to the whole blogging tradition all over again. Interesting, while my Top 25 most played are running in the background, the room is the perfect temperature, the shower has warm water, ginger snaps are in supply, and a bag full of presents sits next to my bed, apart from feeling like Santa, or Sancha if you like, I'm feeling goood :)

Living up to my facebook superlatives, i have been in my PJ's all day long, and quite proudly admit that I do most of my weekend shopping in my nightsuit - the mauve trackies, blue hoodie/grey sweatshirt topped up with boots and a scarf :D nobody seems to care or notice. Only that flannel pajamas look terrible with UGGs.

Living in cold,rainy and on-the-go London had made me realize, I will never live here long term. Not that i cant live Jones in the Fast Lane life, but I dont think it will ever grow on me. I have issues with London, not because of the place, but because there is no belonging here. London doesnt belong to the goras, you barely see any, there was only one British girl in my Flat, and she also moved out. On the streets, you hear every language BUT english, the shopkeepers, tube operators, bathroom cleaners, hall management services, (yes i know this is the working class) but even on Oxford Street or almost every other Posh area you go to, the people are either filthy rich Arabs, Europeans, French, Chinese/Japanese, Indians, etc. Its like the whole world has taken over, and most common people cant afford it anyway. Where I live, which i call the ghetto, epitomizes the urban binaries that we study in Global Cities. Plus, It kind of pathetic when you see people counting their money at a McDonalds, because its expensive for them to buy a whole meal. How annoying. And i thought it was a luxury for us to afford fast food back home.

I dont know where I'm getting at, but my year which seems like an extended vacation (just the way I like and want it to be) is the best way to be. I might change my mind when I'm moving back home in the Summer, but somehow with the kind of freedom/life I have back home, i wont miss being here much. Maybe the theatre, or walks across bridges and other Romantic notions attached to this place, but on the whole, i prefer the notion of the travellor rather than the settler.

Maybe I'm homesick, or dying to get back home, or the fact that i have 18 pounds in my bank account to subsist on till Saturday is getting to me, I am ranting :) I think I like being back here, and the comfort of knowing some people will always be around to read my nonsense, makes it even more heartwarming. Haha. My new years resolution is in the pipeline but I'm sure that it will involve getting SOME form of control of my life, which will start by controlling unholy urges for cookies.

See you in a week. Or maybe in a month. If you're lucky, tomorrow. :)

Sunday, December 02, 2007

December 1, 2007

Things that made my day today:

- Free hugs and candy rewards
- Fireworks
- White Balloons
- Walking over the bridge
- My Polka-dotted Umbrella
- Purple Lights

- Abbus credit card :D