Tuesday, November 14, 2006



Friday, November 03, 2006


I totally agree!

I am not willing to believe that no one has ever taken stupid muscle enhancing drugs before or do still.ha-ha.joke.They shudve banned pig Shane Warne then forever. This is a personal vendetta im sure, some conspiracy. They cant ban Shebi! who will I cheer for when I go to watch cricket matches, IF I ever do now.Thanks for ruining cricket forever. And I didnt even get to wear my Shirt in public.

Very disappointed I am.I hope he wins the case and kills everyone in the PCB.

So today, to convey my condolences, I went to Shoab Akhtar's house. And no he doesnt live in Pindi apparently, cos this house was in Defence! Khair so we ring the doorbell, and the chowkidar opens and we ask..err yeh Shoaib Akhtar ka ghar hai? And almost expecting him to say jee nahin aap kaun hain pagal? he goes Jee...looking a bit confused to see two girls standing in their driveway...

So..turns out he isnt home! But his brother is...we tell the chowkidar to just give him a note so we rummage thru minus enormous school bag which *ahem* does not have a SINGLE scrap or shred of paper, not even a tissue! the only thing in her bag is the 4th Sipara from Quran class! contemplating whether it would be totally blasphemous or sinful to tear out the blank page at the end of it, the brother shows up!

Full British accent, wearing a huge diamond stud in one ear looking pretty amused...after some small talk we tell him to pass on our message and hop in the car home.

Strange incident.Dunno what i would've dont if he actually had shown up on the doorstep. :D

Haha.I dont know whether to laugh or be embarassed.


Thursday, November 02, 2006

Sad I am


No more cricket ever again.I'm sad.

I'll always be your hugest fan, and im coming to visit you soon too (now that I know where you live!)

not fair. humph.


Wednesday, November 01, 2006

okay so if a girl calls on a boys phone and no matter how well i know both of them i cant snatch the phone and have a conversation?

not fair. sorry i came first, in both cases :D

hub chased me today all the way to the academic block but then i hid in the loo and when i came out he was still there! hahahaha.i ran after so long.and i ran while laughing (which is really hard) after a realllyy long time :D

and thanks for all the laughs! sanno.

felt great after a while.something has changed but i cant pinpoint what....cant put my foot on it, scuttle style.like a burden lifted.but what is it?i wish i knew so i could feel like this more often.hmm.maybe it was because A.S gave me a HUGE grin today.or that ammi's driving me nowadays and we get to have our girlie time more often.or maybe im okay now.coming to terms and not afraid of the uncertainty.i hope it stays this way.im very unpredictable (paratha roll or shawarma?).i dont like eating with spoons either.especially pasta.and the cute freshie that i adore needs to be my friend now.i need a new friend.maybe thats what i need.

azam is a rondu.