Tuesday, October 31, 2006


I don’t know what you’re trying to prove
Or hide for that matter
Juts because you have it all
Doesn’t mean everyone is turning green
Secretly hoping you lose what you have
Whoop dee doo! Lucky you
But hey
Don’t minimize your window by the sight of me
Or always be so ambiguous or conveniently oblivious
Maybe you should just be happy
And enjoy what you have
Rather than worry about other people stealing your sunshine

Saturday, October 28, 2006


I tag everyone who reads my blog.Which is like 5 people and you know who you are :D

height: 5'4" yes im tinyy :P
color: wheatish?
piercing: ears and nose.
tattoos: none :P

Right Now
Time: 7:30 pm ammis making chaawal - Taya is coming and naukers JUST got kicked out!Mood: PMS-ing
taste: pineapple juicethe
weather: is confused
bad habit: sitting on the computer –shirking off kitchen help
current crush: hehe.
biggest regret: that I wasn’t able to say that speech to A.D on the phone. rem squin?
Perfume(s): I luv all! At the moment Romance.
Thing I want to do: Have ice cream. Phone someone.

TV show: Smallville or Arrested Developmentbook: a few that I managed to finish ;)
non alcoholic drink: grape juice or neebu pani
milk drink: banana shake or cold coffee
brand: anything I feel like. Brand isn’t a necessity though
color: gray
emblem: superman wala S or thunder cats wali billi
perfume: luv CK one, Romance, Miracle, No. 5 sometimes, Hugo Woman, Vera Wang so many!designer: not one in particular, a variety is funChocolate: the orange shaped orange chocolate that Zehra gets every summer :D

Have I Ever
broken the law: haan sure.
misused credit card: nope, but I will someday!
skipped school: of couwse but not alot
fell asleep in the shower/bath: sure!
had children: yeah, ive adopted a few
been in love: not sure
been hurt: I hurt others! Mwahaha, but I move on…

have a job: not yet.
My CD player has what in it right now: The Killers, John Mayer :P
if I were a crayon, the color?: Cerulian!
what makes me happy?: People.laughter.crazy dancing, good food with fun people

When/What Was the Last
I got a real letter: not in a while :(
got an email: yesterday?
thing I purchased: doodh, anday, dubble roti (for ammi :P)
TV program I watched: America’s Next Top Model!
movie I saw in the theaters: Pirates of The Caribbean - Dead Man's Chest.
hugged: all the time!
song heard: when you were young ;)
place I was [besides home]: in the car, and before that Shanni Khala’s
phone call: Azam Noon

What Comes to Mind When I Hear

car: radiomurder: that cheapooo indian film, nangi fahashat!

cape: town!
cell: chamber?

fun: me ali and mina crazy dancing/singing in the kitchen, and laughing at old cartoon jokes!shoe: chappal or flip flops
crush: I don have those :P
music: those ugly headphones I wear :D
love: amma abbu.
chalk: blackboard dartboard at LUMS hahahaha! Me Azam Saed Mina :D

Friday, October 27, 2006

maybe a poem

When will you find the treasure
The secret behind that tree
Lying beneath the field of rubies
For no ones eyes to see
Maybe you’ve been tempted
Had a whiff of it before
Too long ago,
It faded, into nothing but a blur.

If you chance a walk
Over the same old ground,
You may or may not find me
On our swing under the tree
It fell down in the storm last night
Left a splinter on my knee
So warm your hands on the bonfire
That was once your childhood
But be careful not to trample
On our memories untold.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Its me again. haha. uff. its EID today! :D I'm excited, although I promise I saw the moon on Monday.Ask Ammi *grin*
I kinda miss the rozas now that theyre over, twas the first time they didnt seem like a burden-I liked the peaceful mornings and parathas.
Oh well. Too bad we didnt have too many girlie after-sehri talks this time around...I have issues with sleeping after sunrise. I cant be awake when the sun rises and THEN sleep.Gettit :S
Mina thinks thats crazy btw. Haha but then again, thats not news :P
I think I laughed SO much this past month it made up for the recent crappiness. Ammi and me playing one-on-one dumb charades.I obviously won.I almost always do ;) and I like showing off about it :D Ammi doing Spider Man was hilarious. Mina se poocho.
Khair. I heard too much john mayor this month. Perhaps due to the fact that when the harddrive decided to self destruct I was left with 5 mp3s and DONT bother asking what was left hahaha.Then Mina put both his albums and buss. Ehsan asked me about our family fixation with the marine world and then i realized! Turtle and Fish.I wonder what Ali is....Starfish? Personally I love seahorses, but then he might hate me for that. hahaha. (forever)

I think I want to start a new mission soon.Still figuring out what that is.I wore white on Eid today morning.Then rose pink at night and baby pink tomorrow. I decided this year that I didnt want to wear RED or ORANGE for a whole season.Bluk.

I miss being the boy. I hate it when freinds become dispensable.Sorry, I am irreplacable so people better realize that soon. hahahah i dont know where this came from btw. I will stop just about now. Before silly me.

Eid mubarik!! HUGx3 $$$ ;)

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

What is
A cookie without chocolate chips
A flower without petals
Popcorn without butter
An apple without a core
A lunchbox without a flask
A story without a character.

She without.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

i am hungry monkey

bohut kaam hai.

save meeeeeeeeeeeee :(