Monday, September 25, 2006

i hate you.

Saturday, September 23, 2006



kya bukwaas hai my nose has turned red and my eyes are perpetually watery.

i arranged the fireplace tiles today with ammi and all the sawdust went up my nose.


meesa hungry and have 2 classes on saturday.



Tuesday, September 12, 2006


I am thinking about

I said


I want to

I wish
not on stars and only for Zidane

I miss

I hear
'hey sexy back'

I wonder
what i look like

I regret
nothing ever.

I am
one hell of a pout-er ;)

I dance
like a cheapster

I sing
when i wake up

I cry
when i watch Gladiator

I am not always

I write
long lists and positive/negatives

I confuse
myself alot :)

I need
to go to the loo right now

I should try
and let go

I finish
leftovers :)

Monday, September 11, 2006

*hug* of the day

i luv khan!

Saturday, September 09, 2006


You say you do all you can.

Well, thats not enough for me.

Or maybe anyone if they were me.

Thursday, September 07, 2006


Thank God for Ammi. and Ammis in general.

You've been the best :)

Khair moving on, I have decided this does not suit me.One bit.

Buss, no more - starting now.

Oh and yes indecisive me is dropping Pak Studies.And taking CBL.Unless of course, the registration system forgets to drop me and I cleverly keep Pak Studies. MWAHAHAH!

But I have a feeling that might not happen.

Funny D-A aunty's son is standing right here, I bet he doesnt know who I am *hehe* (squin, 'helloo gurlz')

Khair, I am moving soon, but am getting kind of depressed now.In spite of my limejuice wall which is begging for Van Gogh to be hung on it.And my orange, cream and sea-green bathroom which i lurvvv.Oh which reminds me, i WANT that sea horse door handle i saw in Barry Fabrics. Anyone have any contacts? :( I need it for my shower cubicle.

I'm wearing black today :)

Shiza's is sitting on the front PC.

I have decided to make the 'i's in my blog capital fom now one.Wherever they have to be of course ;)

I think Entox makes your mouth dry.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

everyone is an outcome of love.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Summer Adventure '06

Drank insane amounts of goat-milk, sickly sweet tea
Slept in a tent in the mountains for 2 weeks in torrential downpours – did I mention the tent leaked? :D
Hiked across a whole mountain
Spoke Hazara Punjabi for the first time and actually got compliments!
Shared my sleeping bag with a Salamander for a whole night
Got stuck on a flush-les Indian seat only to discover an antsy lizard on the towel rack and a tarantula above my head
Ate Chapli Kababs and 1 foot diameter rotis from Garhi Habibullah like no ones business
Lost every single game of Mafia
Had a goat-milk Choc Bar. It was really gross
Saw an actual flood and a 20 feet high bridge immersed in water
Sat in those crazy jeeps which if ammi found out would FREAK out. Daily. At night ;)
Bathed in a sink.
Drank Chashma Paani for 2 weeks, conveniently ignoring parents orders of ‘bottled water only’. No one got sick :D
Sat in an earthquake shelter
Fell in love with the mountains all over again
Got made fun of because of my pout :P
Oh and you’ll be proud of me, I was the only non-smoker in the whole group. Although I have a feeling my lungs have been seriously damaged :S
Khan. Don’t read this, I shall tell you details in person :D

Its raining!! :D


They've introduced Scrabble on Yahoo Games! So i guess bye to Literati :)

Cars is not fun at all, its BORING as hell actually. I watched Sindbad and the Legend of the Seven Seas yesterday and LOVED it :) (again)

My hair has grown quite long, yay! im happpyyyy :)

Aam Papar has been a major disappointment this time..Especially Anar Dana...although I think the masala is more to blame than the aam. BLEURGH. Tastes like Khatti Sawdust.

Okay, wait a minute! you have to DOWNLOAD Scrabble to play it. How boring!

Im not happy anymore. humph.

And btw Azam, Aswad turned out to be Areeb so haha, so much for that :)

Too many A's.

Wheres my half-eaten Snickers bar?

Stupid Aswad Ansi wannabe is calling from Gujranwala now on the landline.Gadha. 0391 kahan ka area code hai?

Friday, September 01, 2006

Khana lag gaya.

How does a Persian-tiled fireplace sound?

I think I like :D

Jo hai ankahi, jo hai unsuni
Woh baat kya hai bata

Kya bataoon.


Is it just me or does the world look completely different
Is it just me or do we really seem perfect
If this is meant to be, then why am I the only one who thinks so
Is it just me who sees the good in you and no one else
Where is fate when I need it the most…

Maybe it’s just me.