Sunday, October 30, 2005

polka dotted hairband

everyones gone for a walk...and im thinking...

the khajoor i was forced to open my roza with in the car last week...was it supposed to be gooey or was it just over-ripe :S

(OMG the Omen is bawling again!!!! of us will die soon.)

how come mina's marble cake tastes better than mine :(

i dont like hospital outfits.

my ribs hurt...

what reruns will they play on Star World tonight?

oh, btw khan! sorry for not coming on the phone but samajh nahin arahee thee

i still dont quite get comparative advantage...or was it absolute. I think i dont like Econ one bit.

i got paid a day ago and the accounts dude gave me a wad of cash in my hand. what ever happened to envelopes :S

oh well, at least im rich.

pankhey mai thand lag rahi hai.

i like nani wali razai :)

Monday, October 24, 2005

i thought only augmentin made your mouth dry.

humph! stupa cofcol.