Tuesday, May 31, 2005


theres shehed in my hair!!!
i was hugging ammi and she had some honey thing on her face :S

i dont like honey, i always left the toast with honey cos when it seeped inside i thought it was no longer there :P

khair, went to nando's aaj, zouk ne barbaad kar dia last night so didnt eat much...ordered extra hot sandwhich for minu...bechari...nakki beh beh ke pagal ho gayee and then i drank half her sprite :)

things to do before kamu bhai leaves :

say 'hey' to last him a lifetime ;)
scavenger hunt,
golden wok,
pakistani movie

which reminds me! hahahahah too bad they cut meera's 'paseendeeda' bit from her movie, thats the only reason why i bothered watching it amongst the bahria town ads especially...'trafalgar square in bahria town' (?)

always thought trafalgar square was pretty ugly. tigers are better than lions anyday!

i want to be the following animals in order of importance:

jet sport

khair, im off to eat shami kaab and roti roll

and caution of the day: beware of bahrainian pornstars who say ' I WHANT PHOTO'

Friday, May 27, 2005


buss bahi time to WRITE something!
mwahahahahahah exams khatam :)
zehras back YAY! and im off for a weeeeeeek :) till summer quarter and that too only classes thrice a week :D:D:D:D
happiness ho rahi hai kaafi :)

the most yucky things i can think of abhi are:

khatti daheeeeen
khatti dakar
makhan aur malayon wali peeli lasssii


the arabic sir gave the following translation in the arabic exam:

Manal killed a fox with a gun

i was nowhere in any of the questions, buss sir doesnt love me anymore :)

nahin he does im sure, secretly

everybody loves me. buss :)

and if you dont then START. soon. otherwise you cant be my best freind.


Wednesday, May 25, 2005

YUK! who said krang was hot.

Sunday, May 22, 2005


YODA! mina saved him 2 days ago from the road.heheh hes living in ammi abbus bathroom till they come back! and we feed it milk from an eyedropper :)

Monday, May 16, 2005

Who killed Lee Harvey Oswald - the twist (hilla ke rakh de....


i just made my documentary CD cover. i love it :)

too bad i cant show it to you

mina: mainey bhi kuch likhna hai

sana: achaa, conversation banatay hain

venue: E-lab
time: 10:30 ish

Mission: Impossible...

mina: tan tan tan tan taraaannnn too roo rooooOOooo (8)

sana: *grunt*

mina: silent

sana: silent


okay, i just made that up. the power of KEYBOARD MWAHAHAHAHHAHAAAHAHHAH


we both die.


mina: cancel :P

sana: hyuk hyuk hyuk

mina: ab main borr horahi hoon.

sana: *twirling nosepin*

both lapse into coma




mina: 'harvey' ka H barra karo

sana: ufff. H.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

yesterday was fun, well it was different. we are making a documentary for our environment and sustainable development class and had to visit a katchi abadi to talk to the people living there. it was a bit scary going there because the minute we started walking towards them, all the men came out of their tents and homes and stood kind of on guard. khair, we said bismillah and went and a few children came to us first and we talked to them. khair turns out the men were really polite and cooperative and let us record them and even their women. end mai then we gave them patti and cheeni and chaadars :)
it was sad to see them live like that, but they seemed content. they didnt complain but ive decided ill go sometime later and give them clothes and help them out.

we wanted to get a sunset shot of the area and because its near the kot lakhpat wala bridge, we went on it by foot! it was a little freaky because all these huge ass trucks and buses with fulll beams were hurtling across the bridge and it would literally shake the foundations of the bridge while passing. khair, we wrapped ourselves in big chaadars and went all the way to the top of the bridge, and made a video for about 20 minutes....:)

im stuck at lums free till 12- when ill meet my group for the documentary. need to kill time.

i think ill make another din-raat (i)!


Wednesday, May 11, 2005



Pick a colour: Tangerine, Turquoise, Pink or Azam.

Counter = 0


Pick a number: 1,2,5,6/Pick a number: 3,4,8,9

Counter= Counter +1

Display CASE of 'you are-s'


You are:

1. Thookon wali pepsi
2.Batman Ka nauker
3.Boodar Tribal Woman
4. Underwear
5. Swamp Thing
6. Chapli Kabab
8. Nauker Khutejo
9.Aslam Driver


Option.1. cross-breed/love child of 1 and 2, 1 and 5 or 1 and 6

Batman ke nauker ki thookon wali pepsi
Swamp thing ki thookon wali pepsi
Aslam driver...u get the idea, dont you :)


Option.2. Repeat Option 1 for numbers 3,4,8,9

UNTIL counter = jalebi

{End Result: 3 hours of laughter and harrassment of unassuming little s-fats ;) }

Print 'You are.....'


Friday, May 06, 2005

fife. :)

tree. not that nice :P