Monday, November 29, 2004

Nothing Special

Exams are over...and the excitement of watching TV and chatting all night is over too :)
kal is Mians bday....we werew supposed to get her some nice smellie...and a Cd or exams ruined the plan..and all i have abhi is a hand made card on printer paper with classic crayolas and a John Mayer CD..:) (which I'LL prolly end up listening to more;) )
by the way, is there any unspoken blog rule that msn jargon cant be used, beacuse everyone writes all properly here...and i feel like a plebian :)
im proud to say, i can speak and write basic Arabic now :) *yay*

im listening to....Kryptonite! haha brings back memories..of 10th grade i think....the whole rock mania started mostly then....:) hehe
okay that was pretty just writing this people think i keep updating it and keep visiting :)
ive got the suckiest courses this quarter...and im seriously considering dropping my ECON major for SS...*sigh*.....*confused*....
i have better things to talk about...and oh, ill past some more paint work...and btw its all made in paintbrush...that windows program :) pretty basic....:)