Friday, October 29, 2004



Bart (L)

Saturday, October 23, 2004


Mina is in India by now..."ballay ballay' *bhangra*
(Amritsar,Punjab etc)
i have the room to myself AGAIN....the novelty has worn off now though,two times this month...for more than a few days :) but im happy abt having the loo to myself. *mwahaha*
im not used to writing abt myself and this is kinda weird..i hope no one reads it haha...and i wanted to post some nice art stuff, but i dont know how to and it seems like one big hassle anyway :P~
i just got some midterm marks, and i dont feel so great anymore....aaj i had to set the table for some unexpected people for iftaari...and whined infront of ne mujhe makhan lagaya :D lol it was quite funny *powerful*

im writing this like an email now...erm...haha....even the box looks like a 'compose' wala dabba
'tupac reincarnated' btw has nothing to do with me wanting to be a rapper 8th grade my freind Shah said i looked like tupac..if ony i wore a diamond stud in my nose...and what do you know..i got one soon, thus the name...haha and they werent accepting ANYTHING it did the trick...AND it was bhuttas there you go :)

Friday, October 22, 2004

i wanted to add some nice pictures....i dont know to use anything!! :S aagh this is so frustrating..ab 'hello' download karna pare ga...:S....and it took me 15 minutes to make an account..they LIE abt the # minutes thing! :D
i like the template though :) nice colours yum


hmm, im new to im just testing to see how the template looks :)